Welp, its val day?? hahaha okay okay,, happy valdays yaoi lovers


Long Time

its been a long time since i touch my WP, heuheuehu,, but itry to spare some times to manage my yaoi sites hehehe




lazy day,, nope it’s not like very lazy day like in the weekend 😦
i mean i’m in my office, but not much things to do today >__<
hahaha, i just helping my friend clean his PC from virus, eating banana fried, chatting with my friend. nothing to do >__<
umm,, maybe im gonna read yaoi rite now ( actually its very riskt to do that in your office, but i try to sneak out!) hehehe.

Looking for raws!!

Please Help

Pink Cherry Blossom Scans

Ok…so here is the deal…This amazing drama CD just came out…and we are looking for raws…they can be either Japanese or Chinese…the one’s I’ve found are this ones: & but they are too low quality if someone can find better raws , please let me know we would like to translate it, but with High quality raws 🙂

Hope someone out there has some good connections XD

my email is

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Because We Need Some Variety

another zariya sensei manga,, without smut, just romance. i really like it!!

Atelier du Noir Scanlations

Hello! Been two weeks since our last release. University, why are you like this? T_T

Anyway, people might have noticed that all we’ve been releasing so far are oneshots of the seinen demographic. We were planning to widen our variety eventually butWhateverhas given us the opportunity to take one little step closer to a wide range of variety.

For today, we have for you Liquor and Cigarette, a sweet shounen ai revolving around. . . Well, liquors and cigarettes and two friends. This is a joint project betweenWhateverand Atelier du Noir. We highly advise you check out their site if you want some pretty and/or BL projects. (Also to say hi and thank them!!) They have such avant-garde taste and we’re loving them~

Download it here!

Read it online here!

Zariya Ranmaru is usually known for her sexually explicit, steamy yaoi but this time, we got…

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omegaverse fans, new series here >__<

Hectic Days

Lately i’ve been very very busy, not in m office, also in my real life. oh my, i do love my life, but when my real life so been busy, i’m getting hard to managed my daily routine. if everyday i can check my BL updates,lately it’s so hard to spend a little time to lurking in my socmed.

but thanks God, i’ve managed it! hehhe, so here i am. me with my laptop again! it’s time to lurking and meet my friends in socmed! i miss them, usually we always share about BL together (we have some group chat, consist almost fujoshi and some fudanshi).

my friends ask me to help about cleaning the manga project she held, but i’m sorry can help much, hahha. she grumbling and i laughing hahaha.
in my next post, maybe i’ll post some my yaoi merchandise. it’s arrived last week but .. not much time to upload it.

thank you for reading my rambling >__<

Ilegenes- Giyoku no Koukyoukyouku Chapter 21

Another week goes by and a new chapter of Ilegenes lol…I guess its a good thing that this past month went by so fast. Can’t believe we are already in the month of Love “FEBRUARY&#…

Source: Ilegenes- Giyoku no Koukyoukyouku Chapter 21

Another Stuff

okay, my another stuff arrived yesterday!! it’s naked aoba PVC!! yaayy..

actually i want to post here, but too shy to take a pic of him >__< hahaha. like, omg there’s aoba dick here!! hahahaa i laugh hard!! omg, even his pubic hair is  blue! can you imagine that,, buahahah.

hmmh, okay, maybe this night i will take a photo of my adorable aoba and post it here..

Happy Happy

i got my stuff today, since im still in my office maybe i will take a look after my working hour >__< ahahha.


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