Ilegenes- Giyoku no Koukyoukyouku Chapter 21

Another week goes by and a new chapter of Ilegenes lol…I guess its a good thing that this past month went by so fast. Can’t believe we are already in the month of Love “FEBRUARY&#…

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Another Stuff

okay, my another stuff arrived yesterday!! it’s naked aoba PVC!! yaayy..

actually i want to post here, but too shy to take a pic of him >__< hahaha. like, omg there’s aoba dick here!! hahahaa i laugh hard!! omg, even his pubic hair is  blue! can you imagine that,, buahahah.

hmmh, okay, maybe this night i will take a photo of my adorable aoba and post it here..

Happy Happy

i got my stuff today, since im still in my office maybe i will take a look after my working hour >__< ahahha.


Hai Hai

okay, so what should i write here? instead of my rambling about how many yaoi manga i want to read but unfortunately i dont have time to read it,, boohohoo. im a working girl (yeap just assume im a girl, pfft my age is mature but not with my behaviour)

umm, im sorry i didnt post much in this wordpress, i usually lurking in livejournal, and tumblr.. heheheh. i think much private there.

so.. umm..okay, times to read my yaoi manga again (yes of course i read in my office! buahahah) naughty i am!

Pink Cherry Blossom is recruiting!! — Pink Cherry Blossom Scans

Hi everyone so, I am looking for 1 or 2 more cleaners to help out with Dolls. Our translator is translating at the speed of lightning lol….and all of our cleaners are busy with end of the year exams and real life issues. I could use someone who is good at photoshop who can remove […]

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6 years

got anniversary notification from WP, its been 6yrs after i registered here O_o
hahaha.. its so old!

levi 03.png


Yesterday finally my package arrived! hehehe my frend bought this in AFASG, and she is  willing to buying it for me.. tadaa

Yuri on Ice clearfile, aahh im so happy. do u watch this? i recommend ur watching this. this couple is CANON! aaa~

Hetalia [Sub Indo]

Judul Resmi: ヘタリア Judul Alternatif: Hetalia Tipe: ONA Jumlah Episode:  Skor: 7,86 Rilis: 24 Januari 2009 – Producer: Studio Deen, Frontier Works, FUNimation EntertainmentL, DAX Production Gen…

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its been a long time

omg, its been 6yrs ago i create this wp. and i forgot if i had this..hahaha
OK! im alive now.. so lets spread yaoi virus, beware its contagious *smirk*

Hello world!

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